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AI Automated Reports

Stockpulse’s unique and fully automated AI reports are highly customizable and build specifically to meet your evaluation standards. Create a powerful AI condensed summary including filters such as Buzz and Sentiment, your own list of companies, and top 10 trending topics all related to retail sentiment. Explore their footprint on social media and other web-based communication platforms.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning analytics enable you to find clusters of messages for each topic surrounding your clients. Our reports are available on-demand including daily Buzz and Sentiment to better serve your client’s reputation.

We are working with communication agencies as well as investor relations departments to enable them to get a comprehensive understanding of sentiment analysis related to their business.

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Stockpulse developed Emotional Data Intelligence to give retail traders unique market insights.

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Datasets can be combined with existing alert systems in place

Improve your Reputation Management Capabilities by integrating our AI and social media analytics

Get all relevant information for your clients in one place

Highly customizable AI automated reports

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