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Unparalleled Coverage

Stockpulse provides inimitable decision support for your operations through Artificial Intelligence that collects, filters, matches, scores, and augments unstructured data and converts it into processable information — making Stockpulse a true pioneer in financial news and social media analytics since 2011.

We have one of the most extensive and diversified coverage of financial media sources around the globe. We cover all important social media sources, message boards, traditional and ad-hoc news, company filings, and many more document and media types where users generate content.

Our crawlers have been running 24/7 for over 13 years, building a collection of unique historical data which is one of the longest in this field.


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Diversified Sources

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We improve and support data-driven, quantitative decision making for a broad range of participants in the financial markets by collecting, analyzing, and connecting alternative data from worldwide online sources with artificial intelligence and machine learning.


We Produce Superior Data and Deliver High Quality Analytics
for Many Sectors

Asset Management

Quantitative Asset Management

Stockpulse’s AI is the next level of alternative investing. Enhance your alpha by using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning methods, all based on sentiment analysis to tap into the collective user activity on social media.



Brokers & Trading Platforms

Gain more interaction with existing customers and intrigue potential clients to join your universal trading platforms by integrating social media and AI signals.


Trading Surveillance

Banks, Exchanges & Regulators

Modern AI and analytic tools for trading surveillance officers and regulators to uncover modern pump and dump schemes and other unlawful market activities on social media and other web-based communication channels.


Crypto Surveillance

Cryptocurrency Markets

Whether it is innovating your product portfolio, enhancing your trading platform, or asset management, Stockpulse’s capabilities offer you the best you can get when it comes to AI and understanding social media.


Cyber Intelligence

Intelligence & Federal Agencies

Highly customizable project development based on your preferences that offer you 24/7 and real-time web monitoring.


PE & Family Offices

Private Equity & Venture Capital

Save time and money and improve your abilities to find the next best investment for your future success.



Investor Relations

Reputation Management

Stockpulse data presents you with the whole picture, accessible in real-time and on demand. The ideal way to monitor perception, proactively seize opportunities or even boost your reputation.



Use our Datasets for Large Language Model (LLM) training

Welcome to the forefront of AI innovation, where the convergence of social media and language model training is reshaping the landscape of natural language understanding. At our cutting-edge platform, we’re pioneering the use of diverse social media sources—including Reddit, Twitter, Discord, TikTok, Telegram, and more—as invaluable datasets for training next-generation Language Models (LLMs).

Imagine tapping into the collective consciousness of millions, even billions, of individuals who freely express their thoughts, opinions, and emotions across these platforms every day. This wealth of unfiltered, real-time data provides an unparalleled opportunity to not only understand human language but also to capture the nuances of sentiment, context, and cultural trends that shape communication in the digital age.

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Evaluating the Data

Data collectors are continuously scanning myriads of different internet sources for relevant financial topics, communication, and other unstructured data. Latest Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning methodologies are used to process and aggravate data quality and extract cryptic knowledge of raw and unstructured data sets into viable and comprehensible information.

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Voices of Clients and Partners


We are delighted to work with Stockpulse and offer our clients sophisticated sentiment and quant analyses available on the Stockpulse platform. Our focus on price, speed, diversity of global products, and providing advanced trading tools aligns strongly with Stockpulse’s innovative services and direct access to sentiment analysis and quantitative signals, helping our clients to make informed trading decisions.

– Yochai Korn
Global Head of Market Data and Research
Interactive Brokers Group

Social Media monitoring is a crucial task for regulatory surveillance of stock trading today, especially when it comes to recognizing fake news and users with manipulative intentions. With Stockpulse, we have a reliable and innovative partner who supports us reliably in this task already for years.

– Andreas Mitschke
Head of Trading Surveillance Office
Deutsche Börse AG (TSO)

We have dedicated ourselves to find advanced and disruptive ways to detect superior performance potential, which is cloaked deeply in the sheer endless maze of information that online users generate every day. Together with Stockpulse, we make use of existing algorithms, which parse data and extract an essence that allows us to develop innovative index concepts with an added value. It is a genuinely exciting approach.

– Timo Pfeiffer
Chief Markets Officer
Solactive AG

The innovative and disruptive business model from Stockpulse impressed me from the start. The variety of evaluation options and the large amounts of data show the great potential of Stockpulse.

– Dr. Oliver Everling
Managing Director
Rating Evidence GmbH

I believe that a multi-dimensional portfolio of non-correlated low beta strategies is the best way for investors to achieve consistent absolute returns over the long term. ICON has partnered with Stockpulse, which is a market leader in this field, to issue an innovative A.I. based Euro Stoxx 600 Long / Short equity certificate, based on Stockpulse’s proven social sentiment data, that exhibits our high scientific standards.

– Richard Toolen
ICON Asset Management AG

We are always looking for cutting edge technology solutions in the investment environment. Thanks to the cooperation with Stockpulse we are in position to become the distributor for TIXX – the smart index strategy for German stocks chosen by Artificial Intelligence and relying on sentiment data made by Stockpulse.

– Christian Bothe
onvista media GmbH

The successful „Deutschland Top Aktien“-Index (TIXX), which we developed together with Stockpulse, is a unique and alternative index calculation approach with its rule- and data-based strategy. The index provides private investors easy access to complex AI and big data analyzes for the financial market.

– Lars Lautenschläger
Managing Director

I have known Stockpulse for a long time and have been accompanying the development of Jonas and Stefan, the two founders, for more than 10 years. Stockpulse makes real pioneering work in the field of sentiment analysis for financial markets. Our scientific cooperation is still very close. I am particularly pleased that Stefan’s successful Ph.D. gives us great confirmation of our joint research work.

– Prof. Dr. Detlef Schoder
Managing Director
Cologne Institute for Information Systems (CIIS) at University of Cologne

A high-tech company like Stockpulse would actually be located in Silicon Valley. However, the company has always had its roots and headquarters in Germany. It convinced from the start with original German properties, which one sometimes looks with a little jealousy from the valley: rock-solid, reliable, inventive, and always open to experiments in new business areas such as in Big Data technologies.

– Thomas Rappold
Managing Director
I&S Internet & Security Consulting GmbH

In our fast-moving world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict when certain topics will gain relevance. Thanks to Stockpulse’s AI-driven data feed and the Jaron&Amann Dashboard, we enable clients to closely monitor positive and negative topics of interest and respond to them with a clear and resonant communication strategy. As AI is becoming increasingly significant for communicators, we have joined forces to create a useful tool that implements emotional data in corporate communications.

– Kimon Diamantoglou
Managing Director



Stockpulse’s social media surveillance capabilities are entrusted by the most prestigious organizations


Trading Surveillance Office (TSO) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Eurex Germany relies on data from Stockpulse for Social Media monitoring

Emotional Data Intelligence increasingly important for the stock market and regulatory environment First trading surveillance office worldwide with access to Stockpulse data services Both parties agree on long-term cooperation and expansion of the process chain Frankfurt am Main/Bonn, October 8th, 2019. The Trading Surveillance Office (TSO) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Eurex Germany have … Continue reading

How does Social Media influence Financial Markets? Nasdaq is deploying Emotional Data Intelligence by StockPulse to find out

The original article can be found on the Nasdaq webpage: Stefan Nann is co-founder and CEO of data analytics company StockPulse, a data analytics company specializing in mining Emotional Data Intelligence. “Facts only account for 10% of the reactions on the stock market; everything else is psychology.”  AndrĂ© Kostolany, a stock market investor who made most of … Continue reading

Stockpulse gets sponsorship by Bundesministerium fĂĽr Bildung und Forschung (BMBF, German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) to detect Fake News

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) funds project as part of the German government’s National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the High-Tech Strategy 2025 Development of AI software to automatically detect fake news related to financial markets in real time Bonn/Cologne/Berlin, October 01, 2021. From October 2021 onwards, Bonn based Big Data pioneer … Continue reading

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