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With growing numbers of online users each year, social media is ever more connecting to the world of communication. An interconnected world means more significant challenges for security agencies to keep up with information traveling fast and in innumerable quantities. Since 2011, Stockpulse has been the German-based expert in understanding communication that takes place on the web and possesses the unique ability to refine high-noise and high-volume streams of data.

Whether it’s is diving into the Deep Web or myriads of publicly available sources to surveil activities related to terrorism, human trafficking, or adult sensitive content, Stockpulse’s Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning expertise have you covered on each segment. Our team of experts can build any desirable framework to meet your project-specific requirements.

Stockpulse software is made for technical and non-technical users such as officers, analysts, or executives. Making our tools universal and easy to use is key to a broader reach of sharing information between your departments and provides the agility and flexibility to act when needed.

Applying augmenting human judgment and state-of-the-art AI technology capabilities that make vast amounts of data manageable and valuable, Stockpulse enables compliance departments, law enforcement, or even security agency analysts to focus on what is essential, understanding and engaging with the data.




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Relevant Sources


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Key benefits you gain when partnering with Stockpulse

  • Advanced AI and Deep Learning solutions designed and continuously improved by our team

  • Real-time access to millions of messages daily

  • Natural Languages Processing (NLP) in multiple languages, e.g. in Chinese, English, and German, and many more languages

  • Receive daily AI Automated reports customized for you

  • Automated scheduler for periodic scanning and searches, and comprehensive alerts functions

  • Multi user access across systems and modules

  • Blockchain transaction monitoring

  • Social Media user matching across different sources

  • Find important messages quickly in the flood of social media squawk

  • Track author’s credibility and impact

  • User-friendly Dashboard with a myriad of tools

  • Integration of frequent updates of our coverage and data analytics capabilities

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) methodologies to manage search results, structure historic searches or receive real-time updates on current searches

Voices of Clients and Partners

Social Media monitoring is a crucial task for regulatory surveillance of stock trading today, especially when it comes to recognizing fake news and users with manipulative intentions. With Stockpulse, we have a reliable and innovative partner who supports us reliably in this task already for years.  

Andreas Mitschke, Head of Trading Surveillance Office
Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Eurex Deutschland (TSO)

The innovative and disruptive business model from Stockpulse impressed me from the start. The variety of evaluation options and the large amounts of data show the great potential of Stockpulse.

Dr. Oliver Everling, Managing Director
Rating Evidence GmbH

Stockpulse is an industry leader and our expertise is esteemed by the finest institutions in their respective field

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