Quantitative Asset Management

Have you always wondered how social media feels about the stocks in your portfolio? What are the current trends in social media? Is the sentiment of retail investors changing suddenly? Stockpulse’s data presents you with the whole picture, accessible in real-time and on-demand. The ideal way to monitor perception, proactively seize opportunities or even boost your own portfolio rebalancing.

We deliver insights on the market sentiments in real-time.


Content-rich datasets are gathered from myriad sources such as Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and many more. Analyzed and interpreted by our Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning system to provide you with highly accurate, high volume, and velocity-rich sentiment data.

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AI Alpha Signals

Stockpulse’s quantitative technologies have been developed for over a decade and use the latest cutting-edge research methodologies. Allowing you to explore our unique capabilities and expertise. With one of the most extensive historical datasets in sentiment analysis for the financial industry, we offer our clients highly customized tech appliances to fit their strategies perfectly. 

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Index Solutions

Emotional Data Intelligence offers asset managers the ability to diversify and innovate their product portfolios. Stockpulse is the perfect supplement for your next-level ETF indexing. Emotional Data Intelligence beats equity benchmark performance consistently. Our AI is responsible for the performance of several indices that we have developed with industry leaders Solactive AG and ICF Bank AG.

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Your benefits

We provide dozens of different API endpoints to download data in basically any stage of processing, from raw (crawled) messages to alpha signals processed with latest Deep Learning algorithms.

Our sentiment data is very well structured, ticker mapped, entity mapped, or tagged with key events. We use standard, global financial markets identifiers. Integrate our data smoothly in your internal systems.

We provide comprehensive support to use and understand the structure of our data. We do not leave any client alone and explain what we do and how we do it very transparently. We have several white papers that explain our approach in detail.

White Papers and Research Projects

Deep Learning for Equities

Deep Learning on Emotional Data for Daily Long / Short Decisions: In the past few years, machine learning has become a popular application in various fields. One of the core concepts used are neural networks. A neural network is a computational system that loosely models the human brain in order to solve classification problems. Chaining multiple neural nets is called “deep learning”, with “deep” referring to the potentially large number of layers in these kind of models. Our aim of using deep learning is to recognize hidden patterns which potentially influence the oscillation of equity prices.

Deep Learning for FX

Sentiment Analysis for Foreign Exchange Trading: This text discusses the implementation of sentiment analysis into the production of foreign exchange trading strategies. Statistical significance testing for financial performance measures is used to compare generic foreign exchange strategies against sentiment analysis-strategies generated by Stockpulse. The strategy generated by Stockpulse outperform the generic strategies across all presented performance measures.

Data & Methodolgy

Get our white paper about a more detailed discussion on our data collection and analysis process. We provide a more in-depth description on how our crawlers work, how we aggregate the data and the specifics of our buzz and sentiment indicators, e.g. incorporating a half-life period and modeling the social media users behaviour.

Voices of Clients and Partners

We have dedicated ourselves to find advanced and disruptive ways to detect superior performance potential, which is cloaked deeply in the sheer endless maze of information that online users generate every day. Together with Stockpulse, we make use of existing algorithms, which parse data and extract an essence that allows us to develop innovative index concepts with an added value. It is a genuinely exciting approach.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer
Solactive AG

The innovative and disruptive business model from Stockpulse impressed me from the start. The variety of evaluation options and the large amounts of data show the great potential of Stockpulse.

Dr. Oliver Everling, Managing Director, Rating Evidence GmbH

I believe that a multi-dimensional portfolio of non-correlated low beta strategies is the best way for investors to achieve consistent absolute returns over the long term. ICON has partnered with Stockpulse, which is a market leader in this field, to issue an innovative A.I. based Euro Stoxx 600 Long / Short equity certificate, based on Stockpulse’s proven social sentiment data, that exhibits our high scientific standards.

Richard Toolen, CEO
ICON Asset Management AG is a niche Swiss regulated alternative asset manager that specialises in systematic / quantitative strategie

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