What is it precisely that Stockpulse does?

Stockpulse is a data analytics company offering advanced AI-driven data and signals for financial institutions.
We screen Social Media platforms worldwide and process our signals for the financial community, media outlets, and executive committees.

How does Stockpulse allocate its data?

Our proprietary software is capable of converting unstructured data into comprehensible information.
We are operating a crawling framework and collecting data from several thousands of sources worldwide. Our crawlers are running 24/7.

What products and services do you offer?

We offer our-state-of-the-art machine learning AI solutions for the financial industry. 
We cover the whole value-chain of emotional data intelligence for listed companies reaching from single datasets up to index strategies.
Our AI is capable of providing information even for non-listed companies from the D-A-CH region.

What kind of clients rely on Stockpulse’s services?

Publishing Houses, Brokers, and Digital Brokers
Business Consultants and Advisory Groups
Digital Exchanges, Stock Exchanges, and Financial Conduct Authorities

Banks, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, and Boutiques
Private Equity and Venture Capital
Family Offices and Multi Family Offices

How do you ameliorate equity indices?

We use the asset allocation of emotions to improve index performance. We analyze Social Media squawk, filter the emotions and convert them into buy signals.

Do you offer retail products directly or over B2B partners?

Stockpulse offers only B2B services. We offer retail products via business partners. Further information upon request.

How many companies do you monitor?

We monitor over +40 thousand publicly listed companies worldwide. Furthermore, we provide unique datasets of 2.3 million unlisted companies from the D-A-CH region.

What regions do you cover?

We have global coverage for most significant markets such as North America, Australia, Europe, the UK, Greater China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore.

How is the product published and distributed, and how do I get this information?

Stockpulse provides access to the information to its clients via a web-based dashboard and API.
The web-based dashboard provides a graphical user interface and visualizes the data from different perspectives.

How is the company’s data used and collection permissioned from the primary sources?

We collect and process publicly available data from public domains. The data we obtain does not contain personal data or information which would identify a specific person.
The user data is anonymous on a pseudonym basis. We always consider the official terms of service of the source.
We never use scripts to provide usernames/passwords automatically to log in to web pages.

Do you offer training and support to evaluate and interpret data flow?

Stockpulse offers training and support during trials and provides ongoing support for our customers.

What makes this data unique from what is available publicly?

We provide the emotional value of modern asset allocation. The analysis of emotions in unstructured texts is unique.
With means of NLP, AI, and Deep Learning we enrich the data to make it easily consumable.

How long is your data history?

Our data history is collecting data since August 2012 for Europe and America, and for Greater China, and Singapore since 2017.

What is the data frequency?

Our data frequency is in real-time for single messages and is adjustable to the most common scales: Monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, and 10 min.

What are the data delivery time and delays?

The data is in real-time. We provide a RESTful API and a Websocket to push the data to you instantly. The data delay is within a few seconds. We also provide different snapshots of the data, on a 24 hours (daily), hourly, and 10 minutes base.

How do you identify the +40k publicly listed companies?

The main identifier is the ISIN. Alternative mapping for Bloomberg tickers, Figi, Sedol, and US ticker symbols.

Which asset classes do you cover?

We cover Equities, Equity Indices, FX, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies.

Which languages does Stockpulse support?

Stockpulse’s AI understands German, English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), and the Nordic region languages.