Stockpulse applies state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning tools to gather, analyze and interpret high quality and content-rich sentiment data. Our datasets have multiple applications for different sectors. Use our comprehensive (social media) historical data sets for language model training.

Find out the superlative datasets tailored to your needs.

Datasets for LLM training

Unlock the power of social media sentiment data sets for next-generation language model (LLM) training. Harnessing the wealth of public opinion and emotion expressed online, our cutting-edge approach leverages these datasets to enhance LLM accuracy, relevance, and understanding of human language like never before.

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Cryptocurrency Markets

Stockpulse has the most advanced sentiment based crypto datasets in the market. With the largest historical datasets and unique web-based communication coverage, we can offer you datasets best fitted to your needs.

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Unique and highly customizable report to provide you with the necessary information in finding the next best trend in aInclude Stockpulse’s datasets to your trading-platform to enrich exclusive content delivery to your customers. Buzz and Sentiment offer a unique perspective for your clientele to explore developing trends on social media and other web-based communication channels.

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Quantitative Asset Management

Content-rich datasets are gathered from myriad sources such as Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and many more. Analyzed and interpreted by our Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning system to provide you with highly accurate, high volume, and velocity-rich sentiment data.

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Reputation Management

Explore the vast data-rich social media environment to better serve your clients. Buzz and Sentiment, Key Events, Alert Systems, and much more allowing you to be on time with any future trend.

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