Reputation Management

Have you always wondered how social media feels about your stock-listed company? Stockpulse data presents you with the whole picture, accessible in real-time and on-demand. The ideal way to monitor perception, proactively seize opportunities or even boost your reputation.

We turn data into Emotions and love to meet your expectations. Find out which of the following solutions are suitable for you.


Unique datasets enabling you to explore the universe of sentiment analysis for listed companies. Gain unique knowledge as a Reputation consultant on the retail community perspective about your clients. Use Stockpulse’s datasets through our API or unique dashboard to ameliorate your monitoring alert system.

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AI Automated Reports

Not another report, but one who works just for you, by clustering and focusing on information which fits to your use case, e.g., by defining events, key words or embedding sources which matters to your evaluation process. Our automated reports can be easily embedded in your reporting routine up to the point to meet Corporate Identity standards.

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Your benefits partnering with us

Active Reputation Management is possible due to insight on sources, posts and authorships

Data sets can be combined with your existing alert systems in place via an API or manually

Reputation monitoring in real-time is available thanks to Buzz and Sentiment and other predefined indicators

Voices of Clients and Partners

In our fast-moving world, it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict when certain topics will gain relevance. Thanks to Stockpulse’s AI-driven data feed and the Jaron&Amann Dashboard, we enable clients to closely monitor positive and negative topics of interest and respond to them with a clear and resonant communication strategy. As AI is becoming increasingly significant for communicators, we have joined forces to create a useful tool that implements emotional data in corporate communications.

Kimon Diamantoglou, Managing Director

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