Cryptocurrency Markets

Crypto Surveillance

One-of-a-kind tool for crypto exchanges to monitor the entire web in real-time and on-demand. Access millions of messages daily from social media, review years of historical data, and build your own alert systems always to be early and on track with trending market developments.

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AI Automated Reports

Just to give you an example: Our AI automated reports cover +17k Cryptocurrencies and Tokens with the most trending cryptocurrencies with the highest buzz and sentiment. Stockpulse offers a perfect solution to grow your customer base, improve your quality content, and increase monetization. Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence generates a highly customizable and fully automated news flow of exceptional quality.

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Content-rich datasets are gathered from myriad sources such as Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and many more. Analyzed and interpreted by our Artificial Intelligence and Deep learning system to provide you with highly accurate, high volume, and velocity-rich data.

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White Papers and Research Projects

Deep Learning for Equities

Deep Learning on Emotional Data for Daily Long / Short Decisions: In the past few years, machine learning has become a popular application in various fields. One of the core concepts used are neural networks. A neural network is a computational system that loosely models the human brain in order to solve classification problems. Chaining multiple neural nets is called “deep learning”, with “deep” referring to the potentially large number of layers in these kind of models. Our aim of using deep learning is to recognize hidden patterns which potentially influence the oscillation of equity prices.

Deep Learning for FX

Sentiment Analysis for Foreign Exchange Trading: This text discusses the implementation of sentiment analysis into the production of foreign exchange trading strategies. Statistical significance testing for financial performance measures is used to compare generic foreign exchange strategies against sentiment analysis-strategies generated by Stockpulse. The strategy generated by Stockpulse outperform the generic strategies across all presented performance measures.

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