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Industry Analyzer

A powerful search engine designed as a dashboard to help you navigate through millions of companies in the D-A-CH, Denmark, and UK regions. Find all relevant information of listed and non-listed companies in one place.

Stockpulse introduces the Industry Analyzer. A dashboard that enables you to efficiently and easily access all vital information of companies in one place. It is highly customizable to your unique workflow.

The Industry Analyzer offers you the possibility to automatically extract e.g., EBIDTA from millions of Federal Gazette reports, with the option to explore hidden time-consuming financial data, such as Income Statements, Balance Sheets, etc.

Explore holding structures, key persons related to the each holding, employee count, and the financial health of a company all in this easily accessible portal. Saving you a tremendous amount of time and work and helping you to stay focused.

Let AI work for you by saving research time and money. Improve your decision-making process with sentiment analysis to find the next best investment for your future success.


Listed and non-listed companies


European Regions




Smart Filters

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Key benefits

All information in one dashboard offers an integrated experience of all relevant data, sorted and ready to use

We cover all sectors, all enterprises in covered regions’ SME space, provide complete landscape on industry, sector, cash flow and employees

Receive automatic notifications if a company meets your search criteria

Utilize hundreds of special screening and filter tools across various sources in real-time

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