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Generation Y&Z retail traders are heavily present on social media and actively discuss ideas, thoughts, and developments surrounding cryptocurrencies. By monitoring social media and other communication channels on the web, you can significantly reduce the risk and time in spotting any suspicious market activity. All communication on social media is tracked 24/7 by our Artificial Intelligence and can be accessed in real-time. Years of historical datasets allow you to go back in time, analyze any situation, and uncover what has happened on the respective communication channels.

Monitoring the crypto markets with conventional tools is simply not enough for compliance managers. Social Media surveillance is an indispensable tool in today’s ever evolving digital environment.

We provide inimitable decision support for you with Emotional Data Intelligence that collects, filters, matches, scores, and augments unstructured data and convert it into viable information.


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Key benefits you gain when partnering with Stockpulse

Massive historical datasets of more than ten years

Anticipate future volatile market movements

Access to millions of messages daily in multiple languages

Uncover “pump & dump” schemes faster

Track author’s credibility and impact

Uncover hidden spam networks

Detection of frequent updates of our coverage and data analytics capabilities

User-friendly Dashboard with a myriad of tools

Stockpulse’s social media surveillance capabilities are entrusted by the most prestigious organizations

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