Tesla’s Market Movement: Deciphered through TikTok Data

Our latest analysis, represented in the figure below, showcases the underestimated value of TikTok data in understanding market movements. This is particularly evident in the case of Tesla’s fluctuating stock prices through 2022 and 2023.

Elon Musk’s high-profile acquisition of Twitter in 2022 didn’t translate to a boost in Tesla’s stock, contrary to expectations, as TikTok sentiment data suggested.

A rebound was seen around August 2022 following Tesla’s stock split announcement, but this was short-lived as stocks plunged to a three-year low by December 2023. Despite these challenges, Tesla saw a notable recovery in 2023, although the climb was tempered by the introduction of stricter EV taxation in the US.

The Tesla story, as told by TikTok data, is a testament to the platform’s ability to mirror real-world business events. It serves as a stark reminder of the impact of public perception on financial markets.

This data narrative offers invaluable insights for investors and market analysts, indicating that social media sentiment can no longer be an afterthought in market analysis.

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