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Analyzing Gamestop Discussions: Insights from Social Network Graphs

The world of online discussions can be a fascinating place, especially when it comes to hot topics like Gamestop. Recently, we embarked on an intriguing analysis to understand the dynamics of these conversations across different platforms. By examining user interactions over a period from May 1, 2024, to June 7, 2024, we’ve gleaned some compelling insights into how these discussions unfold and where the most influential voices are found.

Methodology: Mapping Social Interactions

Our analysis focused on collecting data from various platforms where Gamestop was a hot topic. We pulled user data and interactions to create social network graphs. These graphs illustrate who responded to whom, allowing us to identify central figures in the discussions and detect clusters where intense conversations were taking place. We collected more than 500.000 user names and more than 2.000.000 links between them.

Key Findings: Reddit’s Dominance and Distinct Clusters

Several notable trends emerged from our analysis:

1. Reddit’s Overwhelming Presence

Reddit stood out as the largest and most active community during the specified period. This isn’t entirely surprising given Reddit’s history with Gamestop discussions, especially the viral surge of activity earlier. The platform’s structure, which promotes extensive discussions and interactions, made it the epicenter of Gamestop chatter once again.

2. Two Main Clusters within Reddit

Within Reddit, two significant clusters were identified:

  • r/Superstonk: This was the larger cluster, situated at the top of our graph. The heightened activity here can be attributed to DeepFuckingValue (Keith Gill, also known as RoaringKitty on YouTube) who shared his portfolio in this subreddit. Gill’s involvement drew a substantial crowd, making r/Superstonk the focal point for many users.
  • r/wallstreetbets: The second cluster, located lower in the graph, represented the well-known r/wallstreetbets community. Although still active, this cluster was less dominant compared to r/Superstonk during this period. The shift in activity suggests that many users might have migrated to r/Superstonk to follow Gill’s posts more closely.

3. Relative Independence of Other Platforms

In contrast to Reddit, other platforms such as Twitter, Discord, and TikTok showed relative independence in their discussions. While these platforms were present in the social network graph, their impact was minimal compared to Reddit’s overwhelming dominance. The discussions on these platforms did not exhibit the same level of interconnectedness and clustering.

Implications: Understanding the Dynamics

This analysis offers valuable insights into the dynamics of online discussions around Gamestop:

  • Reddit as a Central Hub: The significant presence of Reddit, particularly r/Superstonk, underscores its role as a central hub for Gamestop discussions. The community-driven nature of Reddit allows for more in-depth and sustained conversations, which can be pivotal for movements like the Gamestop surge.
  • Influence of Key Figures: The activity around DeepFuckingValue highlights how influential figures can shape the direction and intensity of discussions. Their involvement can attract a large audience and create a vibrant cluster of interactions.
  • Platform-Specific Dynamics: The independence of Twitter, Discord, and TikTok suggests that discussions on these platforms may be more fragmented or topic-specific. Unlike Reddit, these platforms might not facilitate the same level of extensive interactions and clustering.


Our analysis of Gamestop discussions from May 1, 2024, to June 7, 2024, reveals a complex yet fascinating landscape of online interactions. Reddit continues to be the dominant force, with distinct clusters forming around influential figures. Understanding these dynamics can help us appreciate how online communities evolve and interact around shared interests, providing a window into the collective behavior of internet users. As we move forward, such analyses will be crucial in mapping the ever-changing terrain of digital discussions.

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