Roaring Kitty Joins Chewy – GameStop Stock Reacts

Keith Gill, known as “Roaring Kitty,” has acquired a 6.6% stake in Chewy, becoming the third-largest individual shareholder with an investment worth approximately $245 million. This news caused significant volatility in Chewy’s stock price, initially surging over seven percent before closing down nearly ten percent.

Gill, famous for his involvement in the meme stock trading frenzy with GameStop in 2021, has re-emerged with this significant move. There is a strong connection between Chewy and GameStop: GameStop’s CEO, Ryan Cohen, is also the founder of Chewy.

Gill’s tweets last week sparked speculation about his new position, impacting Chewy’s stock. Cohen, leveraging GameStop’s recent rally, raised about $3 billion through capital increases. Despite this, GameStop’s stock fell around seven percent on Monday.

In a recent livestream, Gill confirmed his independent operations, dispelling rumors of collaboration with hedge funds and addressing concerns about market manipulation.

Below are relevant insights and data visualizations:

Chewy Chart Analysis:

The chart shows Quotes, Buzz, Volume, and Sentiment trends, highlighting significant changes in June and July due to Gill’s involvement.

Key Events and Messages:

Key events related to Chewy include mentions of stock manipulation, pump and dump schemes, fraud, and more, with 1,561 messages from 863 authors.

Sources and Author Analytics:

Breakdown of message sources and top authors discussing Chewy, with Stocktwits and Twitter being the leading platforms.

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