Social Media Polls

Stockpulse has upgraded its social media analytics capabilities by advancing our NLP coverage into social media polls. The newly designed crawlers will embed the poll results into the existing pool of data. Using sophisticated algorithms, we ensure that the new data seamlessly merges with Buzz and Sentiment’s signals and other output values.

Communication on social media continues to evolve. Retail investors are bonding even further by engaging in polls. Covering every communication factor is crucial if we want a clear vision of all social media interactions. Emojis have changed the landscape of communication on social media. Much like emojis and their importance of expression amongst retail traders, polls will play just as crucial a role in the near future as they are becoming more mainstream. Consider Elon Musk’s Twitter polls, where millions of people engage and share their opinions.

Retailer investors’ Emotion expression comes in many forms. Capturing various streams of data that contain fragments of their interaction on social media allows us to generate an even better and more accurate analysis of the asset allocation of emotions.

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