Stockpulse Team Attends CARMA Conference 2023

Excited, we headed to Seville for the Carma 23 conference! ✈️🌍

Upon arrival, we could already feel the inspiring energy of the conference as researchers and experts from all over the world gathered to share their knowledge and latest findings in advanced research methods and analysis.

👉 A wide range of topics are covered at the CARMA conference – from Internet and Big Data sources, to social media and public opinion research, to machine learning and statistics. It’s all about groundbreaking insights and innovative approaches!

We had the opportunity to gain many valuable insights and are excited to incorporate them into our work. The conference gave us new perspectives and inspired us to develop innovative solutions for our customers.
We can’t wait to put our new insights into action to add value for our customers! 💡💪

If you want to learn more about the paper we presented on the conference, please see this post:

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