StockPulse on Open:FactSet Marketplace

StockPulse: Now available as a Candidate Provider on the Open:FactSet Marketplace to help Asset Managers integrate research-driven Alternative Data

Users of the Open:FactSet Marketplace now have access to StockPulse, a new candidate provider that offers extensive sentiment data analysis.

Bonn, Germany, February 13th, 2019. StockPulse, a pioneer in alternative and sentiment data for financial markets since 2011, today announced its inclusion as a candidate on the Open:FactSet Marketplace, FactSet’s new online platform that offers premier financial data and workflow solutions to investment professionals.

“As a company based in Germany, we are proud to be a candidate provider on FactSet’s innovative and intelligent platform in order to reach a broader audience of investment managers, particularly in the U.S.”, said Stefan Nann, CEO of StockPulse. “We are constantly expanding our portfolio so we can offer new data, such as trading signals, which are just some of many features StockPulse has to offer”.

Since 2011, StockPulse has been using AI-driven technology to evaluate the psychology within the business decision-making process and has the power to deliver ALPHA. The company’s ESG methodology incorporates both positive and negative factors flagged by a variety of carefully selected sources that are calculated in real-time, thus providing investors with more timely, actionable information in their investment decisions.

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