London 20th November 2020 – Stockpulse GmbH, a pioneer of emotional data intelligence and AI solutions for financial markets, has announced it is working with Aqua Digital Rising and will cover its new generation alternative assets. 

Stockpulse provides trading signals, strategies and emotional sentiment data on securities, indices, commodities, forex and will provide the same level of coverage for Aqua’s alt-assets, which allow everyone to invest in human success.

Andreas Ruether, CEO of Aqua commented: “We all know it is people who make a company or a team.  Whether it is Mark Zuckerberg or Lionel Messi, individuals drive success and now for the first time in history we are enabling everyone to invest in human beings.  We are analysing big data to create recognised financial products, alt-assets, which can be traded in the same way as commodities, equities or bonds.  Stockpulse will be the first firm to provide coverage on this new financial sector which we believe will change the way people trade.”

Aqua Digital Rising Limited is based in London and uses a sophisticated mathematical and analytic based live pricing engine, to interrogate big data.  Millions of scattered, isolated, data points are analysed for over 2,000 individuals and then benchmarked to provide continuous tradable indices.  Aqua is launching in January 2021 and will initially cover soccer, cricket and e-Sports with a planned roll-out of coverage on a full range of sports stars, celebrities, influencers, actors and entrepreneurs. 

“We have led on the development of user-generated content (UGC) which relies on emotional data, including communication through social media, so we know the future of trading lies with companies like Aqua”, said Dr. Stefan Nann, co-founder and CEO of Stockpulse.  “The way Aqua is opening-up big data to provide a new type of intelligence, which allows everyone to invest in success, is ground-breaking.  At Stockpulse we are the specialists in structuring emotional data (sentiment) analysis, so we are delighted to be at the start of this important journey.” 

Aqua has been founded by a team of industry specialists with a successful, proven track record of developing and marketing innovative financial services companies.  Stockpulse and Aqua have agreed to develop new products for online and mobile retail brokerages using the emotional sentiment data to create sentiment analysis on Aqua’s alt-assets.   

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Aqua Digital Rising Ltd is a UK registered company which has developed and is launching the world’s first alternative assets indices and trading platform.  Big data is democratised and being used with AI, analytics and mathematics to provide real-time pricing of individuals, putting a value on human success.

The founders Dev Dutta and Yasin Sebastian Qureshi have considerable experience in developing innovative financial services trading products and taking these to market.  Yasin is the founder and former CEO of Varengold Bank and and Dev is a leading financial services software engineer who worked at Barclays Investment Bank Strategy Indices.  They are supported by a senior team of successful industry professionals. 

Aqua is the first company to create real-time indices on human beings allowing investors to participate in the value increase of individuals from sports, media, social media, business and politics.  For the first time in history everyone will be able to invest in the source of all value creation, people.

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