“How Social Listening And Machine Learning Are Used To Predict Bitcoin Price Volatility”

An outstanding article written by Cameron Palmer from Bitcoin Magazine. We are glad to see that the interest in social media analytics and cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more relevant. Stockpulse is an advocate of the importance of Emotional Data Intelligence not only in the financial markets but also in the crypto universe. Our products range from crypto surveillance, huge datasets, to trading strategies, which assist you in achieving greater results and improve your decision making.

Now that we can slowly see the financial world integrating ETFs of Bitcoin, this marriage will result in even greater opportunities for both, retail and institutional investors. The relationship of this marriage can be observed on social media and other communication platforms. As we have said before, we will say it again, “Emotional Data intelligence is the future of investing, and with each passing day it becomes an industry standard.”.

Take a look at the article below.


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