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Publishing houses are facing tremendous challenges in the digital age. News measured in ever shorter cycles, competing with Social Media internet platforms, keep publishers under consistent stress to innovate. Modern digitalization raises an important question: How to generate quality content for readers and subscribers?

Stockpulse offers a perfect solution to grow your customer base, improve your quality content, and increase your monetization. Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence generates a fully automated news flow of exceptional quality. Covering over 35000 stock companies worldwide, Stockpulse developed Emotional Data Intelligence for financial publishers and readers.

Screening and surveilling innumerable Social Media metadata, Stockpulse’s message collectors filter, select, and process Social Media squawk into successful investment ideas for subscribers. We edit our services in English, German, and Mandarin and provide relevant financial investment information and newsflow in real-time for your retail customer base. Stockpulse delivers the next level subscription model for commercial publishing houses providing financial news to the consumer.

Interested in future growth, growing subscription numbers, and successful monetization?

Fitting Products


Ability to select an ample range of various data sets customized to your requirements.

Selection of Datasets

  • Buzz / Sentiment
  • Short Selling data
  • Fundamental and Charts analyses
  • Analyst ranking
  • Intrasector comparison


Choose among a broad variety of trading signals based on Emotional Data Intelligence.

Selection of Datasets

  • Pulse Picks
  • Stock Ratings
  • Trading Opportunities
  • Daily Trend


Scalable and fully automated services guarantee smooth and instant delivery

Stockpulse’s complete and effective solutions save your time and money

On-demand ratings for all assets across a myriad of sources

AI selects market squawk and pushes customer experience to a new level

Benefit from automatic robo content, in real time, around the clock, available in any frequency, and ideally customized

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Voices of Clients and Partners

Stockpulse is a strong and reliable partner of us who bundles valuable sentiment data for accurate sentiment analysis and makes a gigantic database available to a wide range of investors and users of our platform.

Simon Deconinck, Director of Finanzen100
BurdaForward GmbH, Finanzen100

Your benefits of working with Stockpulse

Stockpulse provides your applications with an innovative new subscription model for your readers. Self-operating Artificial Intelligence supports and broadens your retail customer base with unique investment ideas. Our next-level retail product creates comfort for your subscribers, improves your web monetization and overall performance based on Emotional data Intelligence.


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