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What if we could tell you that there is one place where you can find all the information about companies in the D-A-CH region on demand. Something like a search engine with all the relevant information to properly evaluate companies with automized extraction and a detailed report of their financial performance.

Stockpulse saves time and money

Stockpulse introduces the dashboard Industry Analyzer. An efficient and easy way to access all the vital information of companies in one place. Stockpulse’s dashboard Industry Analyzer offers you the possibility to automatically extract EBIDTA from millions of Federal Gazette reports, with the option to explore hidden time-consuming financial data. The data is available for screening and filtering by percentage change and absolute value. The Industry Analyzer presents you with a commendable summary of significant financial information, e.g., Income Statements, Balance sheets, Receivables, Liabilities, etc. Saving you a tremendous amount of time and work and helps you to stay focused.

Federal Gazette reports are available through a link to our platform, which gives an integrated experience of all relevant data, sorted and ready for use at any point in time. Stockpulse supports sustainable and responsible investments. ESG is becoming an ever more critical factor in modern times. We integrate additional data from different online communities such as Kununu or Xing and evaluate companies based on user opinions. Our Industry Analyzer provides you with the ability to utilize unique screening and filter tools across different sources. Receive an automatic notification if another company meets your criteria. In other words, tremendously useful.

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Fitting Products


We offer a broad range of alternative datasets for your next big investment target. We cover more than 2 Million companies in the D-A-CH region.

Selection of Datasets

  • Follower statistics from social networks
  • Ratings from company ranking platforms
  • Employee status


Our message collectors screen the official federal report database and update the Industry Analyzer in real-time.

Selection of Datasets

  • Federal reports and most important key figures
  • Register and change in management notice
  • AI extracting final EBITDA numbers


Get to know our web based and easy-to-use dashboard with all data and information at your fingertips. All data is also accessible via our software interface.


Over 2 Million enterprises with detailed information

EBITDA automatically extracted from millions of federal reports, available for screening with percentage change or absolute value

We cover all sectors, all enterprises in the D-A-CH SME space, provide complete landscape on industry, sector, cash flow and employees

Screening and filter functionality across different sources and values provides maximum filter flexibility and massively saves time for your research

Voices of Clients and Partners

A high-tech company like Stockpulse would actually be located in Silicon Valley. However, the company has always had its roots and headquarters in Germany. It convinced from the start with original German properties, which one sometimes looks with a little jealousy from the valley: rock solid, reliable, inventive and always open to experiments in new business areas such as in Big Data technologies.

Thomas Rappold, Managing Director & Venture Capital Investor Silicon Valley
I&S Internet & Security Consulting GmbH

The innovative and disruptive business model from Stockpulse impressed me from the start. The variety of evaluation options and the large amounts of data show the great potential of Stockpulse.

Dr. Oliver Everling, Managing Director
Rating Evidence GmbH

Your benefits of working with Stockpulse

Identify your next acquisition within the D-A-C-H region with Stockpulse. Whether you focus on growth or value targets, Stockpulse’s AI provides you with the customized data you require. Never miss your next successful buyout.


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