Low-interest rates worldwide force insurance companies to innovate their product line. Stockpulse is here to assist.

Emotional Data Intelligence!

We offer excellent solutions for the retail insurance market. Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence allows insurances to combine life insurance with Social Media equity squawk generating superior performance for the retail customer pension plan. Higher flexibility and better returns help insurers to boost their sales.

In-house strategic derivative teams work closely with Stockpulse to develop ubiquitous applications for better benchmark performance, higher customer satisfaction, and next-generation product design.

Fitting Products


We offer a broad range of different data sets to support your strategic derivative team.

Selection of Datasets

  • Buzz / Sentiment
  • Key Events
  • Trend Matrix
  • Signal Rules
  • Topics


Complete quantitative investment models, backtested with auto-delivery options.

Selection of Datasets

  • Long-Only Equity
  • Fixed Income and Long Equity
  • Fixed Income Arbitrage
  • Adjusted MACD and intensity models for indices


Outperformance discerns us from peers

Teaming up with UBS and Solactive, Stockpulse’s AI manages a certificate based on the STOXX 600 Index, issued in Q1 2019. More information can be found here DE000SLA7W00 and here DE000UBS1BX9

Teaming up with UniCredit/HVB and ICF Bank, Stockpulse’s AI manages a certificate based on the German HDAX, issued in January 2020. More information can be found here DE000A26RWY8 and here DE000HZ5UBV2

Your benefits of working with Stockpulse

Stockpulse offers your enterprise cutting-edge solutions for your life insurance portfolio. Emotional Data Intelligence combined with progressive insurance engineering increases your retail customer satisfaction, improves your sales team’s performance and your overall product diversification. 


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