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Stockpulse has a product that is yet unknown to you. Emotional Data Intelligence! Outperforming equity benchmarks in America, Europe, and China consistently.

The emotional value of asset allocation!

Stockpulse’s AI is the next level of alternative investing. With the expertise of more than a decade, we are the pioneers in this dynamic industry. Improve your portfolio with Emotional Data Intelligence. Stockpulse’s technology is an active asset for you. Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence has the unique ability to screen the entire market and trace signals that indicate which stocks will set the near term trend. Stockpulse sets Emotional Data Intelligence on your benchmark, and our AI selects the companies with the hottest emotions. 

Count on us, we deliver!

Fitting Products


Enhance your quantitative analysis with alternative data gathered from worldwide online sources, processed, stock-tailored, easy to integrate into your database.

Selection of Dataset

  • Buzz / Sentiment
  • Key Events
  • Topics


AI-generated decision anticipates trends. Stockpulse uses its backtesting method as well as Tensorflow and Deep Learning approach to delivering in-depth information.

Selection of Dataset

  • Pulse Picks
  • Stock Ratings
  • Trading Opportunities
  • Daily Trends


Quantitative investment models, backtested with auto-delivery options.

Strategy example

  • Long-Only
  • Global Macro
  • Event Driven
  • Long/Short

Fundamental & Technical Analysis

We provide a substantial entity of fundamental and technical value to support your decision-making.

Selection of Dataset

  • Filter for technical indicators
  • Price history
  • Short interest data


Our AI Has Beaten Major Stocks Indices Constantly

In 2019 a staggering real-money outperformance of over 86% was generated

More information about the index can be found here DE000SLA7W00. The certificate is listed with ISIN DE000UBS1BX9

Teaming up with UBS and Solactive, StockPulse’s AI manages a certificate based on the STOXX 600 Index, issued in Q1 2019

Voices of Clients and Partners

We are delighted to work with Stockpulse and offer our clients sophisticated sentiment and quant analyses available on the Stockpulse platform. Our focus on price, speed, diversity of global products, and providing advanced trading tools aligns strongly with Stockpulse’s innovative services and direct access to sentiment analyses and quantitative signals, helping our clients to make informed trading decisions.

Yochai Korn, Global Head of Market Data and Research
Interactive Brokers Group

We have dedicated ourselves to find advanced and disruptive ways to detect superior performance potential, which is cloaked deeply in the sheer endless maze of information that online users generate every day. Together with Stockpulse, we make use of existing algorithms, which parse data and extract an essence that allows us to develop innovative index concepts with an added value. It is a genuinely exciting approach.

Timo Pfeiffer, Chief Markets Officer
Solactive AG

Your benefits of working with Stockpulse

  • Watch the squawk of the world and enhance seeking alpha. 
  • Improve your benchmark and attract additional inflows. 
  • Add the tool to your existing datasets.
  • Create more comfort for your entity, customers, and yourself.


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