Compliance is essential in the modern financial industry. Whether you are a bank, an exchange, ETF provider, hedge fund, insurance, a portfolio or money manager, or an institutional supervisory commission, you either follow or regulate compliance. Stockpulse offers a unique feature to ameliorate your compliance.

Emotional Data Intelligence!

3 billion Daily Active Users (DAU) in Social Media help you to adhere and guide the rules. Money-laundering, front-running, illegal insider buying, and many other illicit activities convoy us today. Knowing your customer (KYC) is vital for most enterprises and Stockpulse is your perfect partner to avoid expensive investigation and scrutiny, support law enforcement, and improve compliance. Due diligence is key for the prudent entrepreneur, investor, and manager to guarantee future success for your business. We help you in the most cost-efficient and comfortable way to ensure you reach your definite goals and comply.

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Access valuable datasets to make your regulatory surveillance and compliance tasks more transparent. Containing spam filters, message ranking and value scores.

Selection of Datasets

  • Large historical data sets
  • +3 million messages daily
  • 100 million diversified sources
  • OTC, FX, Commodities, Crypto and Equities
  • ESG Compliant


Our Dashboard permits you an in-depth real-time insight into newsworthy Social Media squawk. Providing key events and metadata and its Buzzer chart presentation.

  • Multiple languages in Chinese, English and German
  • Real-time Buzz of securities
  • Key Events and User Alerts


Uncovering of “Pump and Dump” schemes

Observing Social Media user influencer network with integrated alert system

Ameliorates Customer Due Diligence

Incorporating real-time Social Media feeds into surveillance systems will enhance the company’s ability to monitor potential market abuse

We cooperate with leading stock exchanges in Europe and the United States to deliver insights based on trading surveillance.

Voices of Clients and Partners

Social Media monitoring is a key task for regulatory surveillance of stock trading today, especially when it comes to recognizing fake news and users with manipulative intentions. With Stockpulse we have a strong and innovative partner who supports us reliably in this task already for years.

Andreas Mitschke, Head of Trading Surveillance Office
Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Eurex Deutschland (TSO)

Your benefits of working with Stockpulse

Stockpulse strengthens regulatory compliance control. Emotional Data Intelligence provides you with state-of-the-art technology to detect unlawful activities. Innovative self-sufficient Artificial Intelligence protects legal transactions and supports criminal prosecution by superior surveillance.


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