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Why is our AI superior to most equity benchmarks? The answer is as simple as it can be.

It tracks emotions!

Social Media having over 3bn daily active users (DAU) in 2020, is the center of Emotional Data Intelligence. Users discuss their investments online, and Stockpulse converts and processes it into viable data. Over the years and continued improvements, we successfully monetized the emotional value of asset allocation and updated the system: A professional detector to enhance seeking Alpha for banks, portfolio managers and ETF providers. Emotional Data Intelligence is one of the most innovative investment tools of the coming decade and in particular, for a highly cost-efficient industry.

You create additional value and diversification if you partner with Stockpulse to discover the future based on Emotional Data Intelligence. Stockpulse is the perfect supplement for your next level ETF indexing. Emotional Data Intelligence beats equity benchmark performance consistently.

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Emotional Data Intelligence actively modelling equity indices. Superior outcome of benchmark performance enriches and diversifies your product portfolio in the most cost-efficient way.

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Customized Products

Stockpulse collaborates and tailors with you the perfect equity index based on Emotional Data Intelligence:

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Outperformance discerns us from peers

Teaming up with UniCredit/HVB and ICF Bank, Stockpulse’s AI manages a certificate based on the German HDAX, issued in January 2020

All details about the index can be viewed on the web page of ICF Bank: DE000A26RWY8

TIXX Index with major outperformance against benchmark (MDAX) during Covid-19 in 2020

The index certificate on the TIXX is listed here DE000HZ5UBV2

More information can also be found on or on the TIXX Guidants desktop.

Voices of Clients and Partners

The successful „Deutschland Top Aktien“-Index (TIXX), which we developed together with Stockpulse, is a unique and alternative index calculation approach with its rule- and data-based strategy. The index provides private investors easy access to complex AI and big data analysis for the financial market.

Lars Lautenschläger, Managing Director
ICF Bank

We all know it is people who make a company or a team.  Whether it is Mark Zuckerberg or Lionel Messi, individuals drive success and now for the first time in history we are enabling everyone to invest in human beings.  We are analysing big data to create recognised financial products, alt-assets, which can be traded in the same way as commodities, equities or bonds.  Stockpulse will be the first firm to provide coverage on this new financial sector which we believe will change the way people trade.

Andreas Ruether, Chief Executive Officer
Aqua Digital Rising

Your benefits of working with Stockpulse

Stockpulse provides you with an innovative new technique to diversify your ETF and certificate portfolio. Specialized in Emotional Data Intelligence based on a unique state-of-the-art AI to select superior equity performance for your benchmark at incredibly low expenses. Long term outperformance of passive investment strategies.


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