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Fund Manager

Asset Manager

Driven by progressive financial engineering, asset managers and hedge funds have been at the forefront of developing new trading techniques. Stockpulse has a yet unidentified product for you. Emotional Data Intelligence! Outperforming equity benchmarks in America, Europe, and China consistently. We customize your benchmark for success.


Family Office & VC

Private Equity

Identify your next acquisition in the D-A-C-H region with Stockpulse. Whether you focus on growth or value targets, our AI provides you with the customized data you require. Never miss your next successful takeover. We connect traditional and alternative, yet untapped sources of information. Our Industry Analyzer spares you time and money to stay focused on your business objective.


Investment Advisor


Passive funds have grown up to 50 percent of all investments in equity markets today. We got the perfect supplement for your next level ETF- or Index-family: Emotional Data Intelligence! Proven results to consistently outperforming passive benchmarks at the lowest and the most cost-efficient way. Stockpulse is your partner for the ETF and certificate design of the future.


Financial Publisher

Media Outlet

Stockpulse assists in improving your revenue and earnings with Emotional Data Intelligence. Excellent financial products for the next level of retail subscribers. Superior trading performance for the retail investor based on weekly signals creates a broader customer base for your media outlets.


Life Insurance


Low-interest rates worldwide force insurance companies to innovate their product line. Stockpulse is here to assist. Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence allows insurances to combine life insurance with Social Media equity squawk generating superior performance for the retail customer pension plan.


Financial Intelligence


The financial industry must surveil markets digitally in today’s fast-moving trading environment. Whether it is illegal money flows, non-compliant stock transactions, or any other wrongful activities, Emotional Data Intelligence is an indispensable tool to enhance your compliance.



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