Expanding our horizon: What our data tells us about the difference between Chinese and Western retail investors

The graph illustrates the top mentions on Reddit in April 2021. Even after months, GameStop Corp (GME) still holds its spot as the most mentioned stock, followed by Bitcoin. Our Emotional Data Intelligence driven AI registered a negative sentiment for GameStop, which implies that a price drop occurred during the same month. We saw a positive uptrend of mentions of MicroVision resulting in a 60 percent increase in April. Stockpulse’s monitoring tool is beneficial for investors who want to anticipate the market and have a transparent view on how the market thinks about a certain stock, currency, index or commodity. The power of digital news sharing is one of the most potent factors for influencing a stock.

Xueqiu is a financial platform that can be described as a Chinese version of Investing.com and Yahoo!Finance. In the chart we see top mentions of stocks. This shows that gathering information from one side of the world is not enough to understand the global financial market. The internet made the world more connected, yet harder to monitor and interpret all information platforms. These kind of data analyses not only save time but also enable investors to receive valuable insights in real-time. Communication in social media is ubiquitous, gets produced 24/7, and moves fast. If investors want to stay ahead of the trend this kind of monitoring is essential. Thanks to the advancements of AI, valuable data can now be filtered and delivered in real-time.

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