Providing ticker-mapped dataset from reddit – also covering /r/wallstreetbets for almost 3 years with complete historical data

In February, Bloomberg headlined “Reddit’s Profane, Greedy Traders Are Shaking Up the Stock Market”. The article describes how chatter on message boards is reshaping the options market and sparking wild rallies. One message board, or subreddit how it is called in the Reddit world, was discussed with special focus: /r/wallstreetbets.

The entire article on Bloomberg can be read here.

We are monitoring this subreddit, and many others, since almost 3 years in real time and have historical messages and comments. Additionally, we are collecting further statistics about users and the status of each subreddit. For example we collect on an hourly base how many subscribers the subreddit has or how many users are currently online and chatting in the message board. for /r/wallstreetbets we started to collect these statistics on Sep 20th, 2017 at 6 PM CET. The forum had 174.387 subscribers at that time and 1.526 users were online. Since then we see an exponential development of subscribers (blue line in the chart below). Another really interesting statistic is the number of users being currently online and discussing current topics. This is indicated by the orange line in the chart below. It can clearly be seen that the attention for /r/wallstreetbets picked up at beginning of February 2020. Since then the average active users increased sharply.

The message board now has 1.311.136 subscribers (2020/07/01 at 3 PM CET) and 16.825 active online users. 

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