Change of communication topics on Reddit due to Covid-19

This is interesting! We observed a significant activity increase on Reddit regarding stock market communication. Two of the most popular subreddits about financial markets “wallstreetbets” and “StockMarket” show an exponential activity jump (based on number of users online) with beginning of February 2020 – the rise of Covid-19. The number of new subscribers also exponentially increased around this time as the blue lines indicate in the chart attached.

A Bloomberg article quotes: “Lured by zero fees and probably boredom while stuck at home during the pandemic, retail investors have flocked to stocks”.

This is even more interesting when we look at the development of new subscribers and activity of the two most popular crypto subreddits (“bitcoin” and “CryptoCurrency”). The same pattern already happened end of 2017 but it does not seem to be as sustainable as it is for the stock market related subreddits. It shows that communication about certain topics can suddenly emerge in new sources. @Stockpulse’ AI constantly improves the detection of new and relevant sources. We track Reddit since 2017, long before it got relevant for the stock market.

To read the Bloomberg article in full length, just go on:

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