Partnership Announcement

Stockpulse is excited to announce its new affiliation with August Way Law & Consulting PLLC. August Way ( is a boutique firm that works with financial services companies, executives, and professionals to achieve excellence and innovation while remaining compliant with their regulatory requirements. Special thanks to Adam Wasserman, August Way’s managing member and our new ambassador for making this opportunity a reality. Mr. Wasserman is a veteran in the field of compliance. As the former Head of Enforcement at the New York Stock Exchange, he helped rebuild and modernize NYSE’s market regulation program and worked collaboratively with regulators in the U.S. and globally to help assure that securities markets remained safe and fair.   

The collaboration with August Way will facilitate Stockpulse’s efforts to reach new markets for our one-of-a-kind Social Media Surveillance service. Our service enables the surveillance of web-based communication platforms, such as Discord, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, YouTube, and many more in Chinese, English, German, and Nordic languages. Social media is rapidly transforming how market participants make investment decisions, creating unique challenges for financial regulators. August Way will work with Stockpulse to spread awareness regarding the importance of developing and offering the right technology to strengthen the efforts of regulators and exchanges alike. Surveilling social media will enable regulators to protect the investor community further and maintain market integrity.

We look forward to working with August Way to leverage Stockpulse’s innovative technology to promote investor protection in the digital age. 

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