The slow march of retail market participants into the ETFs, Indices, and Certificates universe!

“Don’t settle for the conventional. Dare to be different.” CEO Jan van Eck often repeats this as the guiding principle for VanEck. This moto manifested again last year in the form of an ETF. An ETF that automated AI primarily drives and solely focuses on social media sentiment analysis for the retail market participants. 

This trend hasn’t been unnoticed by other major ETF and Index issuers! For example, the S&P 500 Twitter Sentiment Index was issued in November this year, and soon, the MEME ETF will follow. All powered and dependant on the unique value that sentiment data analytics can offer to the financial markets. 

As a pioneer in sentiment analysis, better known as Emotional Data Intelligence, Stockpulse has been at the forefront of this unique trend. We created multiple indices with staggering performance in partnership with Solactive, UBS, and UniCredit/ICF Bank. Our state-of-the-art system covers unique social media platforms and actively manages the indices. As a result, our performance discerns us from our peers. With a decade-long experience and passion, the expertise Stockpulse possesses is vivid in its achievements with TIXX (issued January 2020) and the BDX family (issued January 2019). Both indices draw on benchmarks from the European Universe, namely HDAX (TIXX) and STOXX600 (BDX).

We welcome such developments even from our peers as this is a revolutionary age for the financial markets. Industrial revolution 4.0 is slowly carving its way into the financial industry, and the retail community is at the forefront of modern investing.

Deutschland Top Aktien Index (TIXX – ISIN: DE000A26RWY8)

Big Data Sentiment Index (BDX Germany ISIN: DE000SL0ADZ5)

Big Data Sentiment Index (BDX Europe ISIN: DE000SLA7W00)

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