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AI Automated Reports

Digital Exchanges face fierce competition with the increased demand for modern and interactive trading platforms. Customer satisfaction and content-rich trading platforms are at the forefront of gaining a competitive advantage.

Stockpulse offers a perfect solution to grow your customer base and improve the quality of content on your platforms. Our state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence generates a highly customizable and fully automated news flow of exceptional quality. Stockpulse’s Artificial Intelligence automated reports cover +17k Cryptocurrencies & Tokens and offer you the ability to visually present the most trending cryptos with the highest buzz and sentiment.

Get a grip on Emotional Data Intelligence produced by Stockpulse to give retail traders unique market insights.

Screening and surveilling innumerable Social Media metadata, Stockpulse’s message collectors filter, select, and process Social Media squawk into successful investment ideas. We edit our services in English, German, Mandarin, and more languages and provide relevant financial investment information and news flow in real-time for your retail customer base. Stockpulse delivers the next level of content-rich information for digital exchanges by providing unique insights to your consumer.

Our Social Media Morning Briefings are highly customizable and available in multiple languages

Key benefits

Access to an extensive database coverage thousands of cryptocurrencies

Get a daily Morning Briefing of the most discussed cryptocurrencies with the highest buzz and sentiment

AI and Deep Learning methods actively updating our system 24/7 to ensure the best content is provided to your customer on demand

Diversifying your content on your platforms with a unique tool for your clients

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